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Author Topic: Sea Odyssey Terms of Service  (Read 4222 times)
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« on: October 08, 2007, 03:12:06 PM »

Fair play     
        Players who try to manipulate the rules and/or use loopholes in them may be deleted from the game. Each case will be looked at separately by the Sea Odyssey team, before a decision is made.    
     Playing fairly and Honestly    
        Sea Odyssey upholds high standards of moral behavior. Any player who is caught manipulating bugs in the game or has been cheating in any other way will be deleted from the game immediately. Using vulgar words towards other players may also lead to deletion.    
     (I) Responsibility of the developers:    
        The Sea Odyssey Team will do everything possible for the game to run flawlessly. Beyond that, Sea Odyssey is not liable in any way for server breakdown, faulty programming, etc. The occurrence of any disadvantages for a user resulting from server breakdowns, faulty programming etc. does not entitle the user to claim the recovery of his account's status before the occurrence.    
        (I) Any person who registers an account is considered a member.    
        (II) Sea Odyssey is free to play. However there is a gold account membership that offers a lot more additional extras. Gold membership status is private. The Sea Odyssey Team will not respond to questions related about membership statuses. If you decide to upgrade to gold account, there will be no charge-back, unless demanded by the apropriate authority, in witch case you may never use any of the services Sea Odyssey provides.    
        (III) You can also support Sea Odyssey by donating. Donations are non-refundable.
Rewarding for donations is at the sole discretion of the Sea Odyssey team, and you have no warranty that a donation to Sea Odyssey will bring you anything, donations are simply to support the costs for maintaining and running the game. We encourage you to test the automated system first, if you intend on using it, with a very small amount. The exchange rate for the rewards system will increase with the progress of the round, and before a round ends it will be at a maximum due of the iminent round reset. Any problems with the system can be addressed to the ingame support account, and we will do everything in our power to resolve your issue.    
        (IV) All information submited in the register process are exclusively for sending your account information, new round details and ocasional updates information, and will remain private. It is your responsability to keep your account safe. All password data is encrypted. Sea Odyssey is not responsible for any un-authorized access to your account, we provide logs that you can use to track your account actions. If you notice anything unusual in your game account logs, please report them to the ingame support account. All information about donations and Gold Accounts is private and will not be released under any circumstances. You can only ask questions about your own donation, and are limited to asking about donation expected processing date, clearing date and problems during processing.    
        (V) Terminating membership in Sea Odyssey    
        Sea Odyssey reserves the right to delete player accounts, who have violated the internal rules of the game or if an account has been inactive for extended periods of time. No legal claims can be made against Sea Odyssey when accounts are deleted.    
     Content and responsibility    
        Sea Odyssey is visited by a great number of people. Posts and messages spreading racists, religious intolerance, vulgar and/or other publicly unacceptable topics will not be tolerated. They will lead to warnings and/or sanctions or the direct termination of accounts in question.    
     Forbidden actions    
        (I) It is forbidden to use any type of software that can harm or interfere with the correct functioning of Sea Odyssey.    
        (II) Forbidden programs    
        It is forbidden to use any bots or other ways of artificial stay online in the game. The same goes for programs that automates the actions of a player outside the mechanisms provided by the in game menu.    
        (I) The maximum amounts of accounts per person
   You may have multiple accounts only on those circumstances:
   You do _not_ use your accounts to help one single account.
   You may _not_ finance a lower power account with a higher power one in orther to do damage to lower people using the higher account resources    
        (II) It is forbidden to take other players names, e.g. "The One -> The One1", and pretend you are them, as this may damage their reputation in the game.    
        (III) Blocking    
     Any player who has violated the rules may have their accounts blocked for any length of time. Each case is decided separately given the offense and amount of proof.    
     : Copyrights of Sea Odyssey regarding the accounts of the players.    
        (I) All accounts with their resources, fleets, and etc., are virtual objects. The users do not have any legal rights over them. All rights are reserved by Sea Odyssey.    
        Sea Odyssey does not carry any responsibility for any equipment that has been harmed while the game was played. Sea Odyssey is not responsible for any personal injury. The team of Sea Odyssey warns that extensive periods of time sitting in front of a computer could be unhealthy.    
     Game updates.    
        Sea Odyssey reserves the right to change any aspect of the game without prior warning. If you do not agree with the rules, please close this window and do not enter the game!
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