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Author Topic: I have read a short article called  (Read 60 times)
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« on: October 12, 2018, 03:49:50 AM »

I have read a short article called "Light Close", which gave me a lot of inspiration.oon as I saw this essay, I remembered the article "I will compare my heart". I thought that these two articles seem to be. This reminds me of my grandfather. is a cornfield next to my old house, which is from someone else's house. Because the family lived far away from the cornfield, my grandfather often helped them look at the cornfields and watered them. The family is very grateful to my grandfather and often comes to my house to play.��s just a trivial little thing, you can get such a big gratitude. At this time, my mood is the same as that of the author of "Light Close" Carton Of Cigarettes. This little thing, although insignificant Marlboro Cigarettes, helped others, and gained a joy and brought joy to others. Why not?e, we also need to help others in our lives. The classmate��s pen is gone, you help him pick it up; someone��s book is gone, you lend him; some people��s pens have no water, you lend him a pen... This kind of thing, although it��s just a little effort Newport Cigarettes, but I will hear a "thank you"; I will see a smile; I wille, there are often such small things, we should do something like this to make ourselves happy. "Dear audience friends, I am the bamboo teacher you think about." This classic line is no stranger to every studenther of bamboo is not tall or low, and his body is not fat or thin. He is about twenty-five years old and wears a pair of glasses Cigarettes Online. The teacher of bamboo is alive and well, with a whisper of words and a humorous language, which often makes us laugh. I remember one time, there is a question like this: a large piece of paper Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping, the volume after the roll is known, and the area after the expansion? The teacher of bamboo associates it with a roll of toilet paper and says that he wants to "pull" it out. This makes the students think of another meaning of "pull" in the classroom, and laughs in the classroom. The teacher of bamboo is still a narcissistic madman. When he said "counting" last time, he came up with such a count of words: "I", "love", "bamboo" and "child". How many kinds of readings are there? Finally, he proudly said: "This sentence must be deeply in your heart." bamboo teacher also has a title - "Take the King." The teacher of bamboo always drags the class, and at least one or twenty minutes has to be dragged. The last time it was dragged for 37 minutes. What is more "detestable" is that every time I go to class, some students ask the teacher what time it is. The answer given by the teacher is always very different from the actual time (so it is impossible to show him). During the class, the teacher of bamboo will also be funny: "Today is here, we will drag it next time." (In fact, we all understand that the teacher is trying to let us learn more.)! This is my unique "Take the King" - Teacher Zhu. Oh, I love bamboo!
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