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Author Topic: Childhood is wonderful. It is like a basket  (Read 65 times)
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« on: October 12, 2018, 03:48:34 AM »

Childhood is wonderful. It is like a basket full of sweet candy, full of bitter Chinese medicine, full of precious memories.ese few days, I read the book "Open Sesame". It is said that a third-grade student, Zhang Tian, ??transferred to another school and realized that some children who are helpful and innocent and lovely, in this large group of four (1) classes, have the desire to be the marshal��s speed, and the heart is better than the gun. Thick fat girl Jiang Yan, small costume designer Sun Xinyue, young squadron leader Jun Lulu, warm-hearted Li Qiang, Yang Chen who helped his parents date. They are happy, bear, and grow together. Although they are not sensible, it is because of this personality that makes us often laugh.nk this book has taught me a lot. It makes me know that I have to help each other in the class and unite with each other Marlboro Gold Pack. I feel the good intentions of the teachers and the cultivation of the parents. This makes me determined. Be a good student.fourth grade, I cried with the students in the book, laughed together, and grew up together. I never know how to do things, but I am determined to learn Carton Of Marlboro Reds. This is because "Open Sesame" has always infected me. When I finished reading him, I was reluctant in my heart. This is because this child-filled "Open Sesame" has been I am pulling my heart, so that I have finished reading it and still want to look down, it is unforgettable.book, you can find your own childhood! In addition, I also understand the truth: the child's rights when he is happy, a child, what to say, what to do, not to overdo it, but the children should know that while enjoying happiness, learn and prepare to bear. The times are developing, and the ways and content of children are more and more happy, and children have to bear more and more. Growth is not easy, growth is very difficult, but growth is an inevitable law, and growth is also the happiest thing in the world. When it comes to Lei Feng, people will say: "Lei Feng is on a business trip for a thousand miles, and a good thing has been a train." Almost everyone knows, Lei Feng spirit: helpful. In real life, there are a lot of "Lei Feng" to accompany us.e teacher recommended, our classmates got the book "The Story of Lei Feng Car" and told us: "To learn more of these people is helpful!"t wait to open it Cigarettes Cheaper, look at it, my eyes can't help but be sour, because the spirit of those "Lei Feng car" hands really touched me.aw the 11th "Grateful Letter of Thanks", I even admire them. The content is like this: A woman fainted twice in the car and was sent to the hospital by Ma Baozhu and Li Wei in time for rescue Marlboro Cigarettes Price. The woman wrote a thank-you letter to the Su Xin Express Station of Lianqi, thanking them for their help. I thought about it: they will definitely ask the woman for the benefits, and show off with the people who watched the "Thank You Letter". But who knows, Ma Baozhu and Li Wei did not mention this matter, pretending that they did not know . I was deeply infected by the spirit of their selfless dedication. In my heart, I told myself that I would like to learn these two uncles, and I would not be willing to give back Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping.admire these good people and hate those bad people. If everyone is so helpful, selfless, and not asking for a return, isn��t the world better?
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